RS Aero Regatta in Canobbio

Ein Bericht von Tim Woodcock:

Lago Maggoire welcomed the visitors on Thursday evening for registration with a wonderful deluge of rain and 13 degrees! Not the typical Italian welcome. However with Friday came better weather and racing started after lunch, launching from a flooded beach side. The use of robotic marks was a novelty for all and they appeared to work well. Two races were achieved in a medium afternoon breeze that slowly faded away during the evening. First race honours went to Marcus, closely followed by Juliane and in the second race of the afternoon, the French boat helmed by Tim was able to split the German duo with Juliane taking the win and Marcus in third.

Day 2 saw one race after an early start in a reasonable breeze but it weakened quicker than expected.

It was shortened to finish at the second windward mark, but all boats made the full course only to have to drift back to the home base for lunch!

The Swiss boats waited until the final Day to launch their assault on the top places. In the lighter winds, Heiko and Andreas battled for the top spot and Heiko managed to take the lead by going right on the second beat. In the end, the Swiss boats retained the first two spots, with Juliane keeping consistently in the top pack, with her discard!

In the 5th race, it was the Czech boat of Daniel coming out on top taking the win.

The last race of the afternoon, it was back to business as usual with Juliane leading the way and Marcus sneaking past Tim on the last downwind which marked the podium in the same way.

Overall, although a very different wind condition from what was expected, an enjoyable event in Cannobio.